: Forever. And a day.


It’s definitely been forever since I’ve updated this. I more than likely also said that in my last post. But who cares? So I’ll pick up from where I left off, with this…

I grind me teeth. But only when I am bored and/ or driving. It’s really bad when I am bored and driving, and bored of driving. Not sure why I do it only then, but I do.

I especially gnash away at my off-whites when I am driving behind an idiot. If you are going to drive slow, please atleast go the allowed limit and not 5 – 15 under. How hard is it for your lack-there-of- of a brain to do such a simple task?! I can easily go 5 over, so why can’t you easily go the speed limit?!

Thank you.

P.S. – Please leave the talking on the cell phone and driving skill to the generation who invented it.


Long time…

In Blues, Earle, Lightnin, Lightnin Earle on February 17, 2010 at 6:06 pm

I know.

In the past couple of weeks I have seen about 30 almost car accidents. Awesome I know.

The big news… I have diverted my musical talents in a bluesy direction. You can find out everything here…. . That has my MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter (I update it daily). Sorry that nothing awesome has happened really. But check back and ill try to have something crazy interesting.


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies…

In GENERAL OPEN MINDED CONVERSATION, RANT / RAVE on January 28, 2010 at 5:48 pm

This one’s for you.

My entire life, I have heard and have been told to not try and understand the female. And to this day, I thought I had them almost figured out.

I live in a college (U of A) town, for those that are my first time readers. With this college town comes lots of young women dressing to impress the others (Yes, I know girls dress for girls). Designer jeans, big fake poofy hair and extensions, fake tan or too tan, way too much make up, push up bras and low cut blouses, etc… It sickens me.

Then, you got middle aged women. Dressing half their age, too tight of clothes and revealing too much. Bot-ox injections. Fake tan, fake hair, fake “upstairs”, liposuction and tummy tucks.

Where is the true beauty at anymore? Why can’t you be true to yourself? Is this a competition? If women are tired of being treated like meat and eye candy, then quit presenting yourself like you are.

It’s no wonder that most marriages end in divorce. Because when the extensions come out and the cake up comes off, the truth is exposed.